Cultural Interchanges is only an agent. We are not liable for any services including air transportation, land transfers, hotel accommodations, restaurant meals, classes or other services. We are not liable for any injury, damage, loss, accident, delay, cancellation or irregularity through acts or defects or defaults of any company or person carrying out the arrangements of the tour for any reason.

Any emergency condition that occurs and requires participants to return home, prior to our scheduled departure, will have to do so at their own additional expense. No travel changes are available through Cultural Interchanges.

Any parents or guardians who wish to take a day or two to travel on their own can rest assured that their child will be supervised and is in a safe environment. Notice must be given to the President or Vice President of Cultural Interchanges in writing 24 hours before your departure. All additional excursion expenses are your own responsibility.

A $100  non refundable deposit is required upon registration. All registrations must include a copy of your passport showing your photo and the expiration date.

Late applications will be accepted if space is still available.

 Checks payable to:
Cultural Interchanges
PO Box 14
Douglassville, PA 19518-0014

All forms required for registration for the International Dance Festival are below: 

Adult Emergency Medical Form

Dependent Emergency Medical Form

Liability Release Form